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Why Volunteer with W.I.N.?

  1. W.I.N. is one of the few non-profit organizations which focuses on women empowerment through mentorship, philanthropy and community partnerships.

  2. It is both motivating and rewarding to be a part of an organization such as W.I.N.

  3. It is an opportunity to meet new and exciting people through professional and social network settings

  4. There’s no long term commitment or volunteer fees. There is however, an annual membership fee of $50.00 for Ambassadors.

  5. Although there’s no long commitment, we do ask that you DO commit to any tasks you agree to and always remain respectful, trustworthy and considerate to the women a part of the organization and those we pursue to empower outside the organization.

Women who are looking to make a difference in their community and posses the following:





Think W.I.N. may be a good fit for you? Looking to volunteer? Turn your interest into action!

Have more questions? Complete our contact form to receive more information!


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Who Should Volunteer with W.I.N.?

Why Join W.I.N.?: Service
Why Join W.I.N.?: Service
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