About Us

Women Impacting Neighborhoods (WIN) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization serving South Florida since 2017. Our mission is to creatively inspire and encourage women empowerment through social issues, volunteerism and community partnerships. Initially a women’s social group, WIN was transformed into the organization it is today as a response to the blatant needs of the women in several local communities such as life skills, educational resources, emotional and financial support. WIN thrives to empower women and girls to be the absolute best versions of themselves by providing opportunities to increase their self-awareness of their internal power, improve upon their innate skills and strengthen their ability to enhance their lives and the communities they participate in. Our overall is to create purposeful and impactful changes regarding social issues surrounding the women of our community on a micro, meso and macro scale.

Since our inception, we have made substantial contributions to the citizens of South Florida who are most vulnerable to the perils of a life hard-lived. We have provided support to substance abuse facilities and homeless shelters and have directly provided monetary support to women and girls struggling with high costs associated with childcare and other educational related expenses. To aid in our giving efforts, WIN has hosted a number of fundraising events which has allowed us to continue being a beacon light in our communities.


WIN continues to provide a platform for participants to get involved in their communities through various volunteer opportunities, social exchanges, and personal development education. Our team of ambassadors and volunteers represent women of all ages and cultural backgrounds. These are mothers, wives, students, and career professionals who devote their time and effort to the organization and also utilize our platform to write their own stories by sharing their life experiences and lessons learned to empower and connect with each other in the pursuit of a stronger, more unified community.